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The washable coating

Boat hulls should be protected with a system that lends itself to fast, effective cleaning without risk of damage to the coating and without posing any kind of hazard to the environment. Ecospeed is this system.


There is currently no hull coating available which will not foul. The only way to remove this fouling is to clean it off. The Ecospeed coating has a glassy surface that was designed to be washed without being damaged. This enables fast and efficient fouling control throughout a boat’s entire service life.


A boat that has Ecospeed on its hull can be washed quickly using a marina's boatlift or in the boatyard. This is done with high pressure tools. The coating stays on the hull during this process, which is in stark contrast to many other products. Only the fouling is removed. The video on this page shows a test plate being cleaned in this manner.

Fouling can also be removed fast and easy underwater by a diver using specially designed  tools, also designed by us.

The coating is also suited for boats which have a stationary period because an impermeable  and impenetrable barrier is created. This gives the coating its excellent and durable anti-corrosive properties and protects the underwater hull against mechanical damage. Despite the aggressive nature of certain types of fouling, no corrosion or damage to the steel or polyester will be present on the underwater hull of the vessel after cleaning. The hard fouling is unable to penetrate or damage the coating.

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