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Subsea Industries

Subsea Industries NV, was founded in 1983 to take care of the design, development and marketing of what has become an evolving line of underwater hull and propeller cleaning equipment and later, the line of hard hull coating systems. 


In 1993 research began on developing a new, long-lasting,non-toxic method of protecting ship hulls. The coating system was introduced into the market in 2002. In 2013, after more than 10 years of strenuous testing, Ecoshield was launched for permanent protection against cavitation damage for rudders. In 2014 Ecolock was introduced. This coating system is designed to protect offshore vessels for decades without the need for drydocking. The latest members of the family are Ecofix, a superior, tested and proven filler and Ecolast, a UltraViolet resistant coating that preserves its color while at the same time offering the corrosion and abrasion protection our coatings are known for.

Underwater cleaning equipment

A range of systems is available for various applications on all types of vessels; from propellers on small pleasure boats up to the hulls of 400 meter container ships or big offshore platforms. All kinds of fouling can be removed very effectively; light slime as well as thick layers of heavy marine growth. Our cleaning units can be used effortlessly and safely for extended periods of time. They are easy to maneuver and will help you clean even the hardest to reach niche areas. All units are offered separately or with a complete support system including umbilical, tools and hydraulic power unit.

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