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Ecospeed for (super)yachts and pleasure boats

Ecospeed is a non-toxic, extremely durable underwater hull coating system. It gives a yacht lasting protection against fouling and water intrusion and this for at least 20 years.


The coating can be applied to polyester, aluminum and steel hulls. It offers 100% protection against osmosis and corrosion. There is no need for re-painting every few years as Ecospeed will last a lifetime. After application only sporadic, minor touch-ups will be needed.


Ecospeed has a hydrodynamic ultra-smooth surface finishing that lets you go faster and further with less power. This leads to a reduced fuel consumption.


Our coating system is biocide-free and 100% nontoxic. All fouling can be removed. This can be done by means of underwater cleaning or high pressure washing in the dry. Both methods are fast and easy and only the fouling is removed. The coating remains intact instead of being dispersed in the water or the floor of the boatyard.


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